The owner is such a wonderful professional, made me totally comfortable and gave me an AMAZING tan. Highly recommended!!!


I never thought a spray tan could look SO GOOD. She’s also super professional and helpful and the aftercare product I also got was amazing and helped extend the life of my tan even longer! Recommend to anyone!!


Being a guy, spray tans were never something I considered. My girlfriend talked me in to it. I have to say Marah's super professional and informative, and the product looked amazing on my girlfriend and I before our vacation. Would recommend to any guys or girls.


Amazing!!!! Marah is fantastic!!! Quick comfortable and tan right away!!! I put my workout clothes back on and it didn’t smudge!! This service is 5 star!!!


The owner of Veggie Tan (Marah) is not only a wonderful spray tan artist, she is so sweet and so professional. She is extremely knowledgeable of the product she uses and has mastered the process!


I had the best experience with Marah! She is professional,sweet,and made me feel so comfortable! I love the BEETTAN product because it is natural and gives me the most beautiful glow! Highly recommend this spray tan business.


I’d never had a spray tan before and was skeptical. Now I am hooked! Marah is easy to work with and my skin smells, feels and looks better than I thought it would.


This is an awesome product and Veggie Tan offers a great service. They are very professional when they come out. Not only did I get a great tan, but it was fun :)


This is an amazing product! I had never had a spray tan before because I had heard of the awful smells and orange look people get. I'm pretty fair skinned and try to limit my sun exposure (safety first) but really love being tan. Veggie tan was my first spray tan and I can't imagine doing it any other way. It smells great, I got to put my clothes back on right away, and the color is so natural looking that nobody guessed it wasn't a sun-tan. Plus, the owner Marah is incredibly professional and welcoming! I highly recommend Veggie Tan!


It worked amazing and I even teach swimming lessons and the tan still stayed on even after being in and out of the pool!!


This was an amazing experience! I love my tan. So golden brown. Such a professional and very comfortable. I plan on tanning regularly with veggie tan. So quick and the results are fabulous. I highly recommend skipping the sun and the tanning bed and tan safely with this product.


I have never gotten a spray tan so I have nothing to compare it to but I love the results. It`s so natural looking and smells great all day after it`s applied. And it doesn’t rub off or stain clothes which is a win win!

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